SmartAS Policies

No Reselling on the Interwebs
You must be a certified SmartAS Dealer to access pricing.  Reselling of SmartAS products online is strictly forbidden.  If that is somehow unclear, please contact  If you are not yet a SmartAS Dealer, but feel deeply that you should be, please complete this short form.

1 Year Warranty on Everything We Sell
The warranty resides with the SmartAS Dealer.  We want your customers to contact you, not us. We've got enough on our plate.  But we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product that fails within 365 days of purchase.  You pay to get the item to us, we pay to get it back to you as long as you don't live in a far-off land like Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.  For further clarification, please contact

Return Authorization Process
We design our products to last.  We doubt you want to deal with a field failure, and we know we don't.  But in the highly unlikely event that a product has a problem, simply email and let us know the product and issue.  If the issue can't be resolved by phone or email, we'll provide instructions for getting the product back to us for repair or replacement.  If the product is no longer covered under warranty, we promise to be gentle.