Smart 5V Trigger

MSRP: $40.00

A famous puppet once said, "It's not easy being green".  Lying frog! If your high power electronic devices include a 3.5mm trigger input that will recognize a 5V signal (such as our own 12-channel amplifier with Voice Assistant Override), you can now create home automation schedules and voice commands to "wake up" those devices and put them back to "sleep".

A special smart plug and a custom-made USB to mono 3.5mm trigger cable allow you to trigger on and off electronic devices using the popular home automation app Smart Life.  With Smart Life you can independently control the 10 amp power outlet and 5V USB outlet.

Smart Life also links to your customer's Alexa account so that the power outlet and 5V USB outlet can independently be triggered on and off with Alexa scenes and voice commands.

WARNING:  Our custom-made cable is wired for power - NOT FOR AUDIO.  Do NOT connect this cable to the audio input on anything or you are likely to fry it!  As always, whenever working with trigger cables, do not plug in or disconnect from the triggered device while the power source (in this case the smart plug) is turned on or you risk creating a small electrical arc which can damage the trigger circuit in the device.