12-Channel Amplifier with Source Override

MSRP: $1,799.00

Our proprietary 12-channel Class D amplifier includes a Voice Assistant input for every channel.  Connect Amazon Echo Dots to the Voice Assistant inputs and let Alexa's voice responses and music streaming take priority over whatever else your customers are listening to on a zone-by-zone basis.  In reality, any source with a variable volume output (such as a TV) can be connected to the Voice Assistant input in order to have its audio take priority within a room or zone.

In addition to the Voice Assistant input, each amplifier channel can be set to power a second audio source such as a Zone Output from a distributed, multi-zone audio system.  That source will be heard until the Voice Assistant input detects a signal at which point the zone will instantly (less than 0.2 seconds) be switched to the Voice Assistant input.  Our proprietary auto-detect-and-switch circuit detects input signals at significantly lower volume levels than standard auto-sensing circuits and without creating "false positives".

Use the Delay knob provided with each pair of amplifier channels to set how much time should pass without a signal from the Voice Assistant input, from a couple of seconds to a few minutes, before returning to the second audio source.

We also include a master Override input for connecting third-party devices, such as video doorbells (Ring, Arlo, August, Eufy) paired with an Echo Dot.  By adding the video doorbell's Alexa Skill to your customer's Alexa account, announcements triggered by a press of the doorbell button can be heard through speakers connected to amplifier channels you've selected via a 6-pin dip switch located on the back of the amplifier.  Use this feature to prevent a doorbell press from disturbing zones such as an outdoor area or baby’s room, while allowing the doorbell to always be heard in other zones. Note: you can also use Dots spread throughout the home for two-way communication with the third-party video doorbell.

Rotary level controls are provided on the front panel for every channel.  For most installs these will be set one time, uniquely for each channel, in order to limit the volume allowed into a zone or when balancing multiple speakers within a zone.  These knobs can be removed so that the now recessed levels can only be adjusted with a cross-tip screwdriver.  To further prevent unwanted customer adjustments, we include 12 caps to cover the holes completely.

40 watts into 8 ohms or 70 watts into 4 ohms (with all channels driven) means you can safely connect one or two 8 ohm speakers to every amp channel and achieve more than enough volume, even in large rooms.

Comes with a 6 foot detachable power cable and sturdy 3U mounting brackets for optionally mounting in a standard 19" rack.  Allow a minimum 1U space above and below for proper cooling.