Echo Dot Mounting Bracket with Power and Audio Return Adapters

MSRP: $109.00

This is the most professional mounting bracket you'll find for installing an Amazon Echo Dot.  The kit includes proprietary adapters to power the Dot and carry Alexa's voice responses and streaming audio over a single Cat 5 (or higher) cable, up to 200 feet in length.

Install the Dot in the optimal location, typically in the ceiling of the room, in order to have its microphone array most easily pick up voice commands.  Send Alexa's voice responses and streaming audio back to a centralized amplifier or distributed audio system in order to hear the Dot through your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers instead of the tiny speaker built into the Dot.

It works amazingly well with our 12-channel and 2-channel amplifiers where the Voice Assistant inputs give the Dot priority over whatever else you've connected to play through your speakers.

The mounting bracket installs like most in-ceiling speakers with dog-ears and includes two grille options - one that reveals a modest trim similar to canned lighting, and one "trimless" grille that covers the entire mount.

Kit includes:

  • Ceiling/Wall mount bracket that securely holds all versions of the Amazon Echo Dot
  • 2 powder coated grille options
  • UL listed 24V power supply
  • Proprietary stereo RCA audio output and power injector adapter
  • Proprietary audio/power splitter with stereo 3.5mm audio input and either . . .
         5V power output (micro-USB) for the Echo Dot Gen 1 and Gen 2
         12V power output (barrel type) for the Echo Dot Gen 3 and Gen 4